Bristol Course and Staff Training a great success

Another amazing course was held in Bristol where 11 new students joined our programme.   2 of them were under 18 with a mix of severe and less severe stammers.   All did really well to follow the direction on our tough intensive course and all are feeling on top of the world right now.   This is down to the hard work of the instructors Michael Hutchinson and Ashley Guerin and the organiser Aidan McLoughlin plus the amazing graduates and coaches who attended to not only work on their own speech but to support and coach the new ones.


During the weekend Staff Training was also held with all the candidates being put through lots of speech challenges.   Every time they spoke they were being assessed by their peers and they also had to take an exam before they can coach new students after the course.   Two of the candidates were also training to be an instructor on our programme.   All will be a great asset to our programme.   The training was run by the amazing ST team of Ruth O'Connell, Greig Goldman and Michael Joyes.