Bristol Course October 2018


Another great McGuire Course was held in Bristol to end the UK courses of 2018.   The course was instructed by Clairemarie McGrath Guerin and Ral Lal and organised so well by Danny Potter.   The energy from them really helped the 24 new students settle into the course and the atmosphere as early as the Thursday morning was second to none.   As usual there were lots of split sessions for returning graduates with some great challenges set to really push them to get as much out of the course as possible.    Every coach who sat opposite a new student did a great job coaching and encouraging them while settle the discipline required to make this a success.

All 24 new students decided to stay and join the programme on the Friday and be lifetime members of our programme.   the new students were aged between 12yrs and 50.  As usual on the Wednesday when the New Students arrived, many were very nervous, worried and Sceptical as to whether this would help them.   What a change to the Saturday when we cannot stop them from speaking.  Watching them do their Public Speech was just so emotional and inspiring for all to see.

Thanks for everyone who played a part in making this course such a success.   Now the hard work starts, as the coaches help support all the new graduates back into the real world.   So many are showing so much courage and commitment to keep this up long term.