Bristol October 2019 Course

What a great end to courses in the UK South for 2019.   14 new students joined the programme, working hard and showing commitment to change their speaking personality.   This course is Bristol attracted a large number fo graduates who attended to not only work on their own speech but to support the new students.  The McGuire Programme could not run without graduates returning to help coach the new students and help them believe that if they can do it, so can the new people attending.  Saying that the amazing duo of Jessie Stride and Matt Richardson also helped to tempt so many graduates to attend as they ran the course with the balance of discipline and fun.  There was also lots of sessions serperate from the main course tailored for the graduates to help them in their journey forward.   Organiser, Morgan Hooper also did a great job throughout the 4 days, making all run so smoothly.   Its great to be able to give people the skills and confidence to take control of their speech after years of avoiding, holding back and feeling isolated with their speech.  There is no cure for stuttering but the McGuire Programme can help you do whatever you want to do in life with speech not having to hold you back anymore.