Cape Town 4 Day Course September 2019

Cape Town Course Report


Cape Town Course Report

Course Date: 27th – 30th September 2019

Course Instructor: Freddie Van Der Westerhuisen, Darin Wolfaardt and Nilesh Moti

Course Administration/Organiser: Darin Wolfaardt

New Students – Male: 4   Female: 0


This was the second McGuire course held in South Africa for 2019. Four new students were welcomed on Friday morning, who looked very nervous and hesitant on what the next couple of days would bring them. The first day videos were done with Freddie asking the new students various questions and to read out loud from a book. Two of the new students were covert stutterers using a lot of tricks and avoidances to get the words out; the other two students were overt stutterers. The new students were very shy, looked away/down a lot, spoke softly and lacked confidence when speaking. However the new students mustered the courage to give the McGuire program a try, and overcome their stutter.

Friday started off with learning the four physical weapons. The instructors made sure to explain each physical weapon concisely and to the point. An extensive amount of drilling in the lines was done to ensure that the new students understood how each physical weapons works and that they are saying with good technique. To makes sure the new students execute the techniques correctly a lot of coaching was done in each session by the grads sitting opposite them. To keep the new students and grads active and focused, every ten minutes the inner or outer rows was moved one seat to the left.

Saturday morning was spent discussing the Psychological weapons. Instructors explained how to use each Psychological weapon by providing fresh analogies to keep the students focused and interested. The new students were introduced to contacts, what it is and why we do it. New students got to see firsthand from grads real life examples on how to use the techniques in the outside world. Friday was finished off with some interesting split sessions, where we were privileged to have a grad from the UK present a fun split session on channel swop.


Sunday morning started off by doing revision on the physical and psychological weapons, where new students continuously drilled each of the physical weapons. New students were introduced to the Harrison workshop, and allowed them to show off the techniques that were taught to them to the group. The new students were exceptional in the Harrison workshop, new confidence began to grow and a new level of excitement emerged. Contacts for the new students were successful with some of them doing disclosures in front of fully packed restaurants. Contacts were followed by all new students doing public speaking and showed an amazing amount of confidence. Sunday finished off with the new students getting a chance to Skype with Dave.


Monday started off with the Freddie explaining the Hexagon and how each point of the Hexagon impacts our speech. The morning was concluded with farewell speeches and some final words by the grads giving advice to the new students for going back to the real world.