Challenge yourself and face your fears.

There is powerful evidence that to extinguish your fears, you have to experience them again. It can be tempting to simply avoid the fear trigger, but that could just make the problem bigger. Although this avoidance might help reduce feelings of fear in the short-term, over the long-term it can make the fear become even worse. So face your fears. You'll be glad you did.

McGuire Programme in Düsseldorf, Germany

Members of The McGuire Programme in Düsseldorf, Germany during our Public Speaking Event.

It's easy to ignore or to just avoid our fears and hope that they'll go away. Unfortunately, they rarely do. If you don’t face your fears, they’ll end up controlling you. How do you face them? The most common way to face your fears is through exposure, where you gradually face the thing or situation you’re afraid of. With the right method of thinking and how to deal with each situation, you'll wonder why you weren't doing it sooner!

This was the beginning of a long journey for two new students who joined us for the very first time, and they were eager and willing to do what it takes to challenge themselve and to finally defeat their stutter. They faced their fears head-on with total determination to get control and master the McGuire techniques.

This was a fantastic course with a perfect ambience; and a gathering of nationalities from all over the world, who congregated in Düsseldorf city to work on their speech and face their fears head-on. We met and spoke with over 4.000 people in the busy city center and through this experience and exposure we can start to change our perspections of other people and their reactions and responces to using showing them who we really are, but in a positive light, showing them that we are working on ourselves to improve our communication and to no longer to a slave to out of control stuttering.

We can now take action and show the world what we can do, as we no longer hold ourselves back because of our old stuttering behaviours and bad speaking (learnt) habits.

So, go out and challenge yourselves by facing your fears.


And a huge congratulations to the new studnets and to everyone who attended - keep moving forward!

     - Emmet O'Connell, McGuire Programme Regional Director, Germany & The Netherlands

UPCOMING COURSES; Düsseldorf, Germany 23.-26.10.2019