Changing Our Lives by Overcoming Stuttering in Austin!

Our first-ever course in the great state of Texas brought 25 people together to change their lives and conquer their stuttering in Austin!

McGuire Programme Members Overcome Stuttering in Austin

25 people came to Austin, Texas to face their fears and continue their journeys toward overcoming their stuttering!

The challenges of being a person who stutters go far beyond the physical "stuttering" that most people see.  Part of what makes the McGuire Programme so successful is that everyone in the Programme - coaches, instructors, members - is a stutterer who has been helped immensely by the Programme.

I'd never been around so many other people who stutter!

This sense of familiarity - of family - enables McGuire students and graduates to break down their sense of isolation and really change their lives.  All of this was on display in Austin.

Said one new member:

I'd never left a voicemail before until today!

And because of the McGuire Programme's lifetime support membership, all members receive lifetime access to our extensive network of 200+ coaches, plus online and in-person support groups, and much more.

Our three new members from Austin - and the 20+ returning graduates - are all working together and with their coaches to continue their journeys to more eloquent speech!

Congratulations to everyone who attended and worked so hard to make this course a success.  Keep moving forward!

     -Brian Sellers, McGP Regional Director, USA & Canada

MIss the course in Austin?  We've got you covered with 6 MORE COURSES in the USA & Canada in 2019!  Come out and join us, and start to overcome your stuttering!