Closing 2021 in ANZ and Southeast Asia with an amazing online course for people who stutter

2021 was a comeback year for the McGuire Programme in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Thanks to our hard-working team of volunteers - coaches and instructors, we were able to host four intensive courses in our region, three - online, one - face to face in Sydney, NSW.

Our final course online was another great success - with the experience from running two other online courses this year and dozens of online support groups, refresher days and graduate weekends - the instructor and coaches on the online course helped deliver a great intensive to four latest new members.

We were lucky to have Dave McGuire attend for a one hour Q&A which really helped both new students and returning members (who joined us on the final day of the course) gain more insight into the various methodologies the programme entails and clarify any questions the participants had.

To all our members, we will see you at our next online support event, and for anyone wishing to join the programme and do their first course, 2022 - will see three more intensive courses in the ANZ and Southeast Asia - hope to see you there!

P.S if you still haven't seen Stutter School - a documentary following for new students in their journey before, during and after our intensive courses - you can still watch is on SBS on Demand - One month left to watch it. The documentary has just recently won the Gold Award at the New York TV and File Awards! Don't miss out!