Conquering Stuttering in Seattle!

A courageous group of people who stutter came to Seattle April 24-27 to work together to overcome their stuttering!

Overcoming our stuttering in Seattle with the McGuire Programme

The McGuire Programme's second-ever course in Seattle welcomed several people who stutter, and challenged them to take major steps to ovecoming their stuttering.

New members, graduates, coaches, and instructors came together to learn - and to help each other - as we're all working to speak more articulately and eloquently.

That's what makes the McGuire Programme so successful:  its welcoming feeling of famliy, where everyone has similar experiences and gets to learn from others how to be successful in overcoming stuttering.

Said one new member who had tried other methods and techniques in the past, after seeing McGuire coaches and grads exhibit real control over their speech:

Because of the support I get, I KNOW that I will be successful in the McGuire Programme!

It is so inspiring to see people work hard, be courageous, and persevere... and make MASSIVE changes in their lives through the McGP's amazing lifetime support membership.  And we get to see it every single day!

Do you stutter?  So do we.  We can help.

Come to one of our upcoming USA/Canada courses in 2019!

Speak soon...

     -Brian Sellers, McGP Regional Director, USA & Canada