Decrease your fear of stuttering and give yourself a sense of control.

We held our 10th Intensive course in Germany last month (June 2018). it was also our 3rd Year in existence in the German Region (Central Europe) and our 3rd time in Berlin. We changed venues for our 3rd course in Berlin.

Berlin Training Room

Berlin Training Room ready for action!

This time round we held the course in the Catalonia Hotel Berlin Mitte. The hotel is a modern 4-star hotel in the district of Mitte in Berlin specially designed for cultural trips to the German capital and for business trips. It is an innovative accommodation of industrial and urban Berliner design equipped with all type if services and with a privileged location ideal for discovering Berlin. A must visit for a return McGuire Course! We had an incredible turnout of returning members from all over the world. For the majority of them it was their first time attending a McGuire Programme course in Germany and it was a real pleasure to have them join us. The majority of them came from the Scandinavian Region of the program, mainly Sweden. And we had 3 members from the UAE (MENA Region). The rest came from Croatia, the UK, Germany, Spain, Russia and Ireland.

During our courses we reduce the fear of stuttering by changing our behaviours. In practicing changes in your way of stuttering and in reducing the fear of stuttering, we have to be actively doing something about it. Working hard, persist when times get tough and intimately doing our best and following our dreams. Stuttering did not develop overnight, and people who stutter are not going to make permanent changes overnight, but those changes are happening and they are happening right now to the new students and returning graduates who attended the Berlin course. Keep in mind that you/we don't cure behaviour, you/we change it. There is no known cure of stuttering, there is only a learning process: learning how to change your speech behaviour in desirable ways, and how to develop the right attitudes toward that behaviour. Real and permanent change in feelings and behaviours does not happen easily, quickly, or automatically. You have to be active and repeatedly do things that bring about the results and the results that YOU want to see in yourself. You have to be patient and don’t quit, but persist. Improvement will come in direct proportion to the amount of active, sustained, daily effort you expend. Many small successes cumulate to produce a more permanent change than does one spectacular event.

"Follow your dreams, work hard, practice and persevere."

Achieving your goals is a lifestyle. It’s not a one-time decision, but a choice to show up at your best every day and do your best every day. It’s why success demands persistence and consistency. You can only do that if you focus on your well-being alongside your performance. If you want to take care of your goals, you MUST take care of yourself. It’s a non-negotiable. Aim to master life, not just your goals. It’s a simple mindset shift that could ensure your path of success works out long-term.

For us who joined the McGuire Programme, we no longer live with the shame, guilt, self-hate and fear of our stutter. We now have an option, a choice to be in control and not give in to the freezing, struggle, distortion, tricks and avoidances we used as our default. We control our stutter rather then letting our stutter control us. It’s a much better option, a better choice.

Are you thinking of making a change, of making a decision to do something about your stutter? Join us for our next course in Germany which will be held in Düsseldorf in October 2018

Düsseldorf 17.-20.10.2018 (DÜS1018)