Doing your best in the west - Perth 2020

Six new students started their beyong stuttering journey and around 30 grads continued theirs, as the McGuire Programme made a welcome return to the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia.

We were blessed with four warm sunny days in the continent's western outpost.

For the six new students, the first day was filled with uncertainty as they started to learn new techniques, but also a determination to work hard. Once they started to gain control over their stutter, you could see their confidence grow. So much confidence that none of them had any hesitation in giving a public speech in the middle of Perth's Yagan Square on Saturday.

For the grads, the theme of this course was getting back to basics, while learning to have fun speaking. Building a strong foundation of control over their speech allowed the grads to let go and unleash their true selves. And really, this is what the McGuire Programme is all about.

We also had two grads join the coaching ranks, showing their commitment to helping others. 

They will be a valuable addition to the already strong support network in Australia and New Zealand. Congratulations to the new students and welcome to the McGuire Family. For the grads, well done on continuing your own journeys to eloquence. Our next course will be held on the sensational Gold Coast, 27-31 May. We look forward to seeing you there!