Facing the real world in Bogota, Colombia

We had our second Latin American McGuire course of the year in Bogota, Colombia on the 13th of February, with 5 new brave students; 4 men with an overt stutter, and 1 woman with an overt stutter as well.. Ages from 15 years to 22 years.


At the beginning of the first videos we could see that it would be a course full of joy and freedom. Many comments such as: "I would like to have the freedom to say what I want to say", "I would like no longer to be afraid", "I hope I can communicate better and be happier"…


4 graduates gave great support, thanks to Johan Calderón, Jeremy Plata, Dalma Alvarez (Argentina) and Taisir Jaba.


We began Thursday with strength, discipline and focus. All the participants united by the desire to defeat our enemy in common. It was a day full of enthusiasm and learning. At the end of the day everyone with freedom said their names, addresses and phone numbers.


On Friday we showed the great difference between living as a victim vs facing stuttering with courage, honesty, respect and assertiveness!


The graduates went out into the streets of Bogota to demonstrate how powerful it is to show our truth to others; being completely honest about who we are and how I show myself I can achieve the unification of my circles and self-esteem and self-respect will increase.


The telephone call session was very exciting, sharing the experience of the new graduates talking to members who have seen and followed the McGuire community! After making their first revelations with the McGuire community, it would inspire them to do the same with their family and friends; no doubt the first big challenge, but also the first giant victory against fear, shame and guilt!


On Saturday, we asked the question: What about now? Who is ready to face the real world? - All raised their hands with enthusiasm and courage.


The public speeches were extraordinary, we carried them out outside the great shopping center Gran Estacion de Bogota.


Congratulations to the New Graduates of the McGuire Programme! Your hard work, courage and perseverance have given incredible results; your trip is just beginning. Support yourself in the 6-week follow-up booklet and your Strategic Coach, support yourself on the international community, support groups and (extremely important) return to courses.


Thanks to the graduates for sharing, teaching and helping the NS. You are very helpful, everyone with their experience, testimonies and learning contributed unique things to all of us.


Thanks again to Dave McGuire. #KeepMovingForward


Alfredo Gonzalez

RD Latin America