The First McGuire Programme UK North Course of 2019 in Newcastle upon Tyne

For the twelfth consecutive year, the McGuire Programme UK North Region held their annual course in Newcastle upon Tyne in the Royal Station Hotel. The course was held from Wednesday 6th March until Sunday 10th March 2019. Twelve courageous new students attended for their first McGuire Programme course. All twelve graduated on the Sunday afternoon.

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The Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, the venue for the McGuire Programme UK North stuttering therapy course for the twelfth consecutive year.

Twelve new students gathered in the Collingwood Suite at the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, for the 7pm start of the McGuire Programme UK North intensive, residential, stuttering therapy course on Wednesday 6th March 2019.  All were apprehensive to begin with but worked hard and determinedly over the four days to finally master the control over their stammers that was their goal.

The course was instructed by Anand Mistry and Mustapha Cham.  Both had instructed one course each prior to coming to Newcastle upon Tyne.  They shared the instruction of the course material throughout the four days and gave the new students all the information, theory, advice and practical knowledge to ensure the course was a success and that the result for the new students would be positive.

The course was organised by Glenn Bills, who ensured that all new students, family members and graduates of the McGuire Programme were accommodated in the hotel, were comfortable and that the course ran smoothly.  Glenn will be instructing a course himself later on this year.  Being course organiser is a great way to learn all about the course from the staff member's viewpoint.  That information and knowledge will make the role of Course Instructor easier when the time comes for Glenn in Stirling in November.

The new students were supported during the course by over sixty returning graduates of the McGuire Programme.  Some were very experienced.  Some were coaches and instructors of many years standing.  Others were less experienced and some were returning for their second course to build on the knowledge gained during their first courses last year.  All worked hard and many individually helped the new students on their journey from stuttering to eloquent and articulate speech.

One of the highlights of any McGuire Programme course is the public speaking challenge on the Saturday afternoon.  We all gathered in the middle of Northumberland Street for the 3pm start.  With ten minutes to go, the bright and sunny day turned cloudy and it started to rain.  The rain got heavier and turned into ale and sleet.  It looked like the public speaking would be a wash out but amazingly, the storm quickly passed and everyone spoke well during the challenge.  Thanks to all involved.

The next McGuire Programme UK North course will be in Harrogate, 26th-30th June 2019.  Anyone who stutters can apply for a place on the course and will be helped to master the skills needed to control the stammer and become an articulate and eloquent speaker.