The Greatest Achievement

Happy smiling faces after completing the public speech challenge..

The McGuire Programme MENA region has entered a new era in 2019. This year we focused on expanding our reach with the start of the Arabic courses. 

Since 2016, we have sensed the need of conducting the courses in the Arabic language as we have been receiving many inquiries from people who do not speak nor understand English. We have been working since then into translating the course to the Arabic language. The plan had different phases, which started with supporting, strengthening and encouraging our grads to be ready to become coaches, to translating the main vocabularies, and finally translating the sessions and topics to Arabic.

On Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 we welcomed 7 new Students who took the courage in facing their fears and sat in front of the camera to answer a few questions. The next 3 days ran smoothly with the presence and support of the MENA region coaches and grads who did an amazing job in setting a great example to the new students. 

Conducting a course in the Arabic language has a different taste. We noticed all the grads and the new students were more relaxed and felt at ease in understanding all the information and techniques. They found it easier to express themselves during the sessions and challenges presented.

The course was instructed in Arabic by our MENA course instructor, Abdullah Bin Buyajan, who led the course in a very professional way. It flowed natural and it seemed to all that this has been conducted many times. 

A very special thanks to all the MENA coaches, and grads as they showed great discipline in putting their time and effort in helping the new students.

Dave McGuire, we can not thank you enough for creating such a programme. A programme that is not only helping people to control their stutter but goes beyond that to helping them discovering their real potentials to reach their goals.

Looking forwards to conduct more and more courses in both Arabic and English and help all people in the MENA region. 


Best wishes, 

Rana & Abdullah