Indian Doctor influences the Supreme Court to make the right decision for hospitals while admitting and treating Covid-19 patients

Dr. Rajesh Swarankar, a McGuire Programme™ member since 2017 has had a profoundly positive impact in India with COVID-19 cases.


The McGuire Programme™ would like to show gratitude to Doctors, nurses, hospital staff and all the front line workers in these difficult pandemic times.


In the first one of the series, we’d like to recognize Dr. Rajesh Swarankar for his extraordinary contributions in the field of healthcare in India.


Dr. Rajesh is a  2017 graduate and member of the McGuire India Programme. He came on the Programme with a covert stutter with the hope of speaking in front of large audiences with comfort and ease. In the months and years following his association with the Programme, he grabbed every single speaking opportunity that came his way. He was an invited speaker in many national and international conferences. Gone were the days where he used to struggle saying words or sounds; now he spoke very articulately, with full control and a smile on his face. He now uses the power of his voice to drive positive impact at scale in India. In 2018, he was voted as the Honorary National Secretary of the Indian Chest Society. This was yet another feather in his cap.


With all this positive momentum behind him, his most recent work on Covid-19 cases found its way all the way up to the highest court in the nation.


Due to the escalating Covid-19 pandemic situation, as the number of cases and deaths slowly continued to rise across India, the hospital systems were getting strained with overcapacity and admission of patients of all types - from pre-symptomatic to very severe.  


A timely petition to the Supreme court of India by a renowned pulmonologist Dr. Rajesh seeking mandatory implementation of ‘rapid antibody testing’ as a tool for screening of COVID-19 changed that dynamic. He also requested the Indian Supreme court to stop admitting pre-symptomatic and mild Covid-19 cases into the hospitals and keep them isolated at home instead. This would immediately decrease the burden experienced by the hospital systems across the country and improve the likelihood of the more severe cases to get critical care. The Supreme court directed the central government to take a decision on the petition. This resulted in vacancies in hospital across the nation and many saved lives.


Here are some inspiring words from Dr. Rajesh as it relates to gaining control of his stutter or achieving his goals:


Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. This quality is the key to success.


Thank you Dr. Rajesh for accomplishing such an amazing feat and inspiring all of us from across the world.