Joe Biden Echoes McGuire Programme's Core Messages

US Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke at length about how he overcame stuttering during a CNN town hall event. His words echoed two of the McGuire Programme's core messages: that overcoming stuttering takes time and effort; and that having the support of others who have BEEN there is incredibly valuable.

Vice President Biden is well known in the stuttering community as someone who has struggled with - and overcome - his stuttering.

He made the most of a unique opportunity to elaborate on the challenges we all have faced every day of our lives, and I was struck by how much his words embody two foundational McGuire Programme beliefs:

  1. Stuttering CAN be overcome with hard work, time, and effort.
  2. Having the support of people who have been there and overcome their stuttering is amazingly powerful.

Said Mr. Biden:

Someone who comes up to you and says, 'I've been through this.  I can tell you, I know how you feel...'

Because all people are looking for is to say, 'You made it.  It's possible to make it, huh?'

THAT is the essence of the McGuire Programme.  As stutterers ourselves, our hundreds of coaches and instructors have been there and made massive progress.

And more importantly, we know how to help YOU learn to speak articulately and truly overcome YOUR stuttering by giving you lifetime support and coaching.

Yes, Joe - it IS possible to make it.  Thank you for rising to the occasion and speaking so eloquently about stuttering last night.

     -Brian Sellers, Regional Director USA & Canada

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