Learning goes beyond knowing how to read…

tartamudez bajo control en Santiago, Chile

During the course of Santiago, Chile October 2018, there was a new student who could not read, carrying with him many concerns, insecurities and mistrust, but far from all this was the man who despite not knowing how to read, learned to be an electrician, mason , carpenter, and many other jobs he does to get ahead.

It was a little bit harder for him to take part in this course, since he was not able to join the group, he felt uncomfortable, and he believed that he was only harming his peers since he didn't feel that he was moving forward, or having any positive result. Therefore, he was decided not to keep going.

Nevertheless, with a sample of how he had arrived and how he was on Friday afternoon, he could realize that to be able to obtain new learning, it is not enough to read but to practice, and to be constant. He understood that it doesn't matter to know the concepts, know a lot of topics, know how to do different activities, but practice them and keep practicing daily to be able to master that practice.

By being able to understand this, he showed courage, empowerment and desire to improve day by day, so much that his goal will be to learn how to read.

All that remains is to congratulate this great man, Miguel Galaz. Making me feel a huge admiration, respect and pride of having coincided with him at this stage of my life.


Lilia Uc Santana