London Wembley course - what an atmosphere!

Wow what a course this was here in Wembley, London.  19 new students started the journey to learn how to take control of their stammers.  Michael Joyes and Denise Admiraal put their stamp on this course with a great mix of discipline and fun.  The atmosphere grew and grew throughout the course as the new students gained confidence.  With a large number if new students, some graduates (who were not coaches) stepped up to the mark and start coaching the new students.  It was great to see such energy from the graduates as they set a perfect example to the new students.  We held lots of split sessions for the graduates so they could focus for part of the course on themselves rather than the new students.  Its really important everyone moves forward and takes something new away with them when they leave the course.  One new student decided that the programme was not for him so went home half way though the course.  Commitment long term is important and on some occasions this is not for everyone.  18 new students joined our programme and have gone back to their lives with lots of tools to practice and get used to using when under pressure.  One day back home and the new students are all calling their coaches and the instructors and doing really well.  

Thanks for Ben Browett for doing such a great job organising the course.  To Denise and Michael for instructing such a great course and most importantly our graduates and coaches who come back to not only work on their own speech but to coach and inspire the new students.