London Wembley - What a inspiring course.

New Student Matthew Johnson speaking at the Public Speaking in London.

What a great course we have just had in London, Wembley.   On every McGuire course the new students have 2 days to see if they think the techniques will help them before commiting to join the programme.   On this occasion we started with 21 new students and by Friday 2 people decided not to join.   One thought it was not for him and the other was only there really to support his son as they both had a stammer.   The father decided to not join and just support his son through the course.    Out of the 19 who joined our programme, 8 were female and 6 were under 18.   It was a great mix and they were lucky to have the brilliant duo of Victoria Griffiths-Price from Wales and Brian Dempsey from Republic of Ireland running the course.   The passion and enthusiasm they showed filtered down into the course and this really helped the new students learn the techniques while supported by some great coaching.  Michael Hutchinson from Northern Ireland was the course organiser and he did a great job both behind the scenes and on the floor making sure the course ran smoothly.     All 19 new students did really well and challenged themselves to do the Public Speech - a challenge they would never of contemplated at the beginning of the course.   This was also a course for graduates to step up and coach the new students with many doing this for the first time.   This also included some children who have worked hard on their own speech and had the confidence to help coach the new ones.  Without the returning graduates we could not run the courses and we are lucky to have such dedicated graduates return to not only work on their own speech but to give something back to the programme.   Thanks to all involved.