McGuire Online course - UK South

The first ever online course was run just before Christmas.

The first ever online McGuire Course was run the week before Christmas.  This was a massive step for the programme to take as we knew it would be so different from the usual face to face course.   The course was run by Greig Goldman and Hannah Datama with 6 new students and approx 12 coaches to support them throughout the course.


There was a few differences with the new students having to zoom with their family and friends before the course so they had a better understanding of what to expect.  There was also an opportunity for the new students to meet coaches and their instructors before the course, something we have not done before.


The course took months of planning with no stone unturned and this showed with such a professional approach by both instructors and coaches.


There was lots more one to one coaching than on a usual course with the breakout rooms being used on a regular basis.    The new students all had the great desire to do well and were committed to the course before and throughout.  The atmosphere of a face to face course was amazingly created on this online course with the coaches and new students bonding well.


It was great to have the family and friends attend to the daily briefing and to observe their loved ones succeed at a speaking challenge.


The brilliant coaches demonstrated the use of all the techniques in the real world so the new students could see the reaction of the public and give them belief that this could really help them.


This online version is not for everyone however If you have the attitude and self discipline to do well and will follow directions then this is for you.