McGuire Programme coming to Singapore!

An opportunity is about to present itself in Singapore - for a life changing event, to happen, for approximately 1% of the entire population - those who have to live every day, with a speech impairment, commonly known as a stutter or stammer.

For a population of over 5,700,000 people, that is over 57 thousand people that are directly affected by this condition, as well taking into account their families and friends - this makes up a significant portion of Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for stuttering, and we are far away from achieving this - but there is hope, there is what many call the second best thing to a cure - The McGuire Programme.

The McGuire Programme is a world renowned organisation, helping people not only overcome their stutter and gain back control of their speech, but also strongly focuses on building up the person, and allowing them to self actualize into confident and eloquent speakers.

At the center of the programme are the three or four day intensive courses - where over 14 hour days, students learn techniques to manage their stutter physically and mentally. Students also learn vital communication and leadership skills - training which large corporations would normally pay tens of thousands of dollars for per day, to train their senior staff.

The McGuire Programme combines and innovates techniques and teachings from a variety of disciplines, studies and the programmes own experiences, to combine the holistic approach that has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide, gain control of their speech and overcome the challenges faced from a stutter.

The McGuire Programme is a lifetime programme, with anyone that joins, instantly gaining access to a large support network all over the globe, provided by highly trained volunteer coaches and instructors, all who are themselves have a stutter and are part of the programme, and not only draw upon the training they posses, but their own life experiences and lessons learned.

So now that we understand how much the programme actually helps people that have a stutter - how does this affect Singapore and other Southeast countries?

Well, the McGuire Programme is forever expanding and growing, due to the huge success it has in helping people that stutter (stammer), and now it is finding its way to Singapore.

There are already a number of local McGuire Graduates, that had to travel to places such as India, Dubai, UK and Australia, because unfortunately the programme was not yet active in the region - and now with the help of those locals and Neighboring country of Australia - the programme will finally make another home base - in Singapore!

The first course in the new McGuire Southeast Asia Region will run in Singapore, on the 27 of March 2019. This course, for many, will be the marking of the start of their lifetime membership and for other graduates an opportunity to visit a new place and learn, share and grow together, to become eloquent, effective and confident communicators.


If you have a stutter or know someone who does - the McGuire Programme can help! Like it has many, many other people worldwide!

If you would like more information on the course - do your own research, look us up on the internet, social media and other forums and if you have any questions, contact the regional director of McGuire Southeast Asia - Denis Wright via


The Singapore Intensive Course is expected to be popular, so if you decide to join the programme and take control of your speech - register on the course now!a


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