McGuire Programme UK North Course, Birmingham, 25th-29th July 2018

A huge McGuire Programme four day intensive course was held in the Birmingham Conference and Events Centre, 25th-29th July 2018. There were twenty brave new students and nearly eighty returning graduates on the course. The Course Instructors were Adam Black and Mustapha Cham. The Course Organiser was Vicky Redford. A great team and an inspiring and emotional four days!

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Mustapha Cham, who attended his first McGuire Programme course in Manchester in 2014, instructing to a busy room on the Birmingham course, July 2018.  This was Mustapha's first time as a McGuire programme Course Instructor.

Everyone involved in the McGuire Programme has had personal experience of living with an out of control stutter.  We have all stammered - some severely, others less so.  At some point, we all decided enough was enough and signed up for our first McGuire Programme course.  For Adam Black, one of the Course Instructors on the July 2018 course in Birmingham, he decided to attend a course in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2007.  The second Course Instructor in Birmingham, Mustapha Cham, decided to do something about his stutter in April 2014 in Manchester.

In the Birmingham Conference and Events Centre, from Wednesday 25th July until Sunday 29th July 2018, twenty courageous and apprehensive new students decided it was their time to face their fears and confront their stutters.  There were eighteen male new students and two female new students.  Ages ranged from 13 years old to 59 years old.  Six of the new students were under 18 years of age, all accompanied by supportive parents, throughout the course.

For Mustapha Cham, the Birmingham course was his first opportunity to be a Course Instructor; supervised by the more experienced Adam Black.  Mustapha was confident and knowledgeable and instructed a disciplined and inspirational course.  All the new students worked hard, at their own pace and blossomed by the end of the course.  All twenty new students spoke to over one hundred total strangers on the streets of Birmingham on the Saturday afternoon and all twenty of the new students gave inspiring public speeches on the steps in Victoria Square, Birmingham, just after 3pm on that life changing Saturday.

The course ended with leaving speeches on the Sunday afternoon.  These speeches were very emotional and many parents and family members also saying a few words about the progress their loved ones had made over the four days.  One new student proposed to his girlfriend during his leaving speech!  She said yes!

The final McGuire Programme UK North course of 2018 will be held in Stirling, Scotland, from 10th to 14th October 2018.  Look forward to seeing everyone there!