Megan goes Beyond Stammering to pursue her dream career

Megan focused on her stammer and turned her life around.

Megan worked hard on her Stammer and pursues her dream job.

Megan goes Beyond Stammering to pursue her dream career

My first course was in August 2010 but to be really honest my McGuire journey didn’t begin until 2017;

I really struggled with accepting that I had a stammer, even after my first course , it wasn’t until several years later , when I had truly reached rock bottom that I realised this wasn’t the way I wanted my life to be.  I look back and I feel so sad for the girl I used to be.

So I came back. And I thank myself every day for it. I came back to intensive courses, really challenged myself in every split session, I knew what I wanted this time, and I wasn’t going to settle. I joined toastmasters, I read in church, I’ve done a radio interview and I’ve recently became a coach.

But most of all.. I have made up for so much lost time. Recently both of my grandparents took ill. The old Megan would have loved to have been there for every moment. But what if someone asked me a question? What is someone asked me my name or my partners name? What if someone asked me the time and I couldn’t say the answer? I would have avoided the most important moments in my grandparents lives. Thankfully this was not the case , my granda who recently passed away , loved telling my story to every person who came into the house. He was so proud , I was able to read at his funeral. Which is genuinely still unbelievable to me. I am so thankful to myself that I was able to make someone proud of something I’ve felt shame about for so long.

 My life has completely changed for the better, and I’m starting my dream career in September as a mental health nurse.

Something which would have been impossible a couple of years ago. I cannot thank this programme enough. 

Megan Gribben, IRELAND