A New Year.. A new Success

The McGuire Programme, MENA Region, had a great start of the year 2020 where 10 new members joined the McGuire family. In addition, Staff Training was held where 7 members have decided to become coaches and give something back to the region and the program.

Happy smiling faces at the JBR walk after completing 100 contacts and Public Speaking Challenge :)

At 09:00am on January 15th, the staff training started with 7 enthusiastic candidates led by Sharon Gavillet. It continued until 4 pm where several areas were covered and all candidates were put through lots of speech challenges. Every time they spoke throughout the course they were being assessed by their peers and they also had to take an exam before they can coach new students after the course. We are so proud of our awesome new coaches who will indeed be a great asset to the region and we look forward to working together to make our MENA region stronger.

On the other hand, at 06:00pm on the same day, a new McGuire journey started with around 30 returning grads and 10 news students who took the courage in facing their fears and sat in front of the camera to answer a few questions which was the first step in their transformational journey. The next 3 days ran smoothly with a great discipline, dedication and support.


All the new students progressed well and grasped the techniques quickly. In only three and a half days, they took the challenge and spoke in front of a huge crowed in an awesome outdoor location, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). The speeches were strong, emotional and has put many of us in tears and others made us laugh.


Sunday morning after the course, I met one of the new students at the hotel lobby, he came up to me and said, I want to tell you something, I have traveled to many places before and I have stayed in many hotels but honestly today was the first time I order a room service and it feels amazing. his words gave me goosebumps 

~ Rana 

This was the 15th McGuire course in MENA region and by far one of the most diverse course with great interesting mix of nationalities. There were people from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirates, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Ireland. Different people sharing only one thing; stuttering.

A very special appreciation goes to our fabulous MENA coaches and grads. You showed great discipline and support to the new students. Thank you from deep inside our hearts, we are so proud of you.

Sharon Gavillet ..(Very long pause).. We can not find words to express our deep appreciation and love. All what we can say is ..Thank you VERY MUCH for everything. We would like to also extend our thanks to Mary Moorehead for accepting our invitation and adding value to the course and staff staining.


A special gratitude goes to Dave McGuire, the founder of this amazing life changing program. A programme that is not only helping people to control their stutter but goes beyond that to helping them discovering their real potentials to reach their goals.


Rana & Abdullah