Online Zoom courses for people who stutter

No Cure for Stuttering

We recently held our second online intensive course for people who stutter (..AND want to do something about it) in the USA/CANADA region. 

During one of our pre-course meetings one of our course instructors stated:  “If you are looking for a CURE for STUTTERING, you are in the wrong place and better leave now”.   Nobody left.

Whilst most people who stutter secretly wish for a magic pill to cure their stutter, most know there is no cure for stuttering, and some look for ways to control their stutter and even overcome it.  Many famous people who stutter have worked hard to overcome their stutter, and this gives hope to those who struggle every day with the fear of speaking and not being able to even say their own name. 

Despite many fluent people telling us who stutter, that it does not bother them, they don’t understand that it REALLY does bother us who stutter.  We want to do whatever we can to control/ overcome / (whatever word we want to use), but we don’t want to be out of control stutterers who cannot even say our own name.

So, we started into our intensive 12 hour days on ZOOM and after the first day, we could see changes in each person.  During these intensive 12 hours plus days, other members of the programme joined us on ZOOM to help coach and inspire our new members to grasp and understand our concepts and put them to work in the real world. 

By the end of the intensive course and the start of using the extensive support network, everyone was working hard to maintain their gains and turning their perception of “I think I can do this,” into the belief that “I know I can do this”.  With the support of like-minded people, who want to work hard at overcoming their stutter, everyone is on their way to becoming effective eloquent speakers.

Some quotes from the new students:

“Now I can speak with my father in his native tongue…which I couldn’t just 2 weeks ago!”

“I see a monumental difference in me.”

“I felt scared at the beginning but now I feel good. I am happy I did it. “


Till next time….