People declare war on their stammers during a beautiful week in Bengaluru

stutter, stammer

A group of people who stammer (PWS) work on getting a control of their speech in Bengaluru

What an inspirational course it was! The 10th McGuire India course was successfully conducted in the 3rd week of June in the bustling city of Bengaluru. New students, graduates, coaches and instructors came together to beat their stammers from across India, Singapore, Dubai, UK, and USA.

The group included doctors, strategy consultants, accountants, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, high school and college students. New students came to Bengaluru not knowing what to expect, but after the intial kick-off event on Wed, things moved pretty quickly. It was a fully loaded agenda for both new students and grads alike. It was amazing to watch how quickly the group of new students, a larger mix of overts aged 15-35, absorb new concepts to get a better control of their speech. Each one of them stayed true to their promise, worked hard and followed directions. The result of their hard work and perseverance was imminent.

One new graduate commented:

The McGuire Programme really changed my life. I can now speak.

Another new graduate said:

The McGuire Programme restored my dignity, self-esteem and long-lost confidence. It is life changing.

A returning graduate commented:

The McGuire Programme gives people the unique opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

It was very rewarding to hear this and, this is what the McGuire Programme is all about. McGuire is the #1 Programme in the world that empowers PWS to take control of their speech and help them achieve a better quality of life. There is no other programme out there that brings PWS together the way the MGP does! Many thanks to Paul Paluch for instructing an amazing course. Sincere appreciation to Mustapha Cham and Christophe Dupuis for making the trip to India and conduction amazing split sessions. Well done to Rishabh Panchamia for doing such a god job as the first course organizer for the region. Thanks to all the amazing coaches and graduates that actively support the region.

For those of you interested in learning about the MGP and attending a session in 2018, please register your interest here.

Wishing you all a smashing rest of 2018! Let’s all get good at the Sport of Speaking.


Kaushik, India RD