People declare war on their stammers in New Delhi, India.

New students after delivering their very 1st public speech in their life with full control.

People declare war on their enemies. People who stammer declare war on their biggest enemy – their stammer.

This winter many brave individuals – a doctor intern, a social worker, a couple of college students, and many working professionals descended into New Delhi from all over India to beat their stammers. Their only hope was to get the voice they never had.

To help the new students get a control of their stammer and support them many graduates, coaches and instructors came from all over. People congregated from all over India, Belgium, Malaysia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, UK, and USA.

The new students beat all odds to come participate on the course and their sheer determination and drive to succeed is why they will be successful in the future. The going was tough but they diligently learned about the physical and psychological aspects of stammering and how to attack their stammers using different weapons to get a better control of their speech. After many hours and days of learning, practicing and taking their new found speech to the real world, there was a profound sense of upliftment among the participants as they declared war on their stammers.

One of the recent graduates commented:

It is a life changing experience. You will start doing things that you couldn’t have even imagined!

Another recent graduate said:

Of the little I have experienced so far, the McGuire Programme has already changed my life.

A returning graduate commented:

The McGuire Programme goes beyond stuttering. It's got everything to build you up.

I personally have been on the McGuire Programme for a dozen years and this is what it is all about. It is the #1 Programme in the world that empowers PWS to take control of their speech and help them achieve a better quality of life. There is no other Programme out there that brings PWS together the way the MGP does.

December 2019 course by the numbers:

  • Course Span: 4.5 days
  • Distance traveled (by attendees): 100K+ miles
  • Countries represented: 8
  • Languages spoken: 12
  • People spoken to: 7000+
  • Public speeches given: 50+
  • Phone calls made: 300+
  • Handshakes: 5000+
  • Magazine Article: 1
  • People who smashed their stammers and now have a voice: 9
  • Feeling seeing beautiful smiles on the faces: Priceless

I am ever grateful to Matthew Richardson for his unconditional support in uplifting PWS in India, and many countries across the world. His instruction on the DEL19 course filled with discipline, passion and empathy with countless nuggets of practical wisdom is what brought smiles to so many faces after a grueling 4 day period.

Here is a short video that summarizes the 2019 New Delhi course. Matt and I’d like to dedicate it to Aravind Adapa, a beloved grad from MGP India who passed away earlier this year.

For those of you interested in attending a session in India, our next course is tentatively scheduled from June 24th – 28th 2020. Please register your interest here.

Wishing you all incredible success in the sport of speaking in the new year and wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With lots of love,

Kaushik Valluri