Raising Our Voice in Bogotá, Colombia

On Wednesday afternoon, another fascinating McGuire course started. The new students were in expectation of what the course was and its subsequent development, each one presenting themselves by saying their name, address, telephone and the name of their parents and siblings, as well as what they expected from this course. The next day in the morning everyone started very motivated, developing and understanding the physical weapons of a stutter and at that moment they could say their name, address and phone number. On Friday night they began their first revelations by telephone, all could meet the objective using the physical and psychological weapons seen in the programme. On Saturday, the behavior and attention was very good and they were able to carry out in a good way the last sessions before going out to make revelations and contacts, all of them were ready for the final test and successfully passed it, CONGRATULATIONS!

Thanks to the Regional Director; Alfredo González, for successfully completing another splendid course, explanation, development of the programme by him and explaining the content of the course and subsequent development in an effective way to the graduates, to Brolian Arenales, Sebastián Arce, Víctor Cabellero, Johan Calderon and Emanuel García who returned to remain firm in their process and support the NS, finally, to thank the great DAVE MCGUIRE for creating and giving us tools to control our stutter and for creating such an EXTRAORDINARY programme and doing a SOCIAL good helping people who stutter to become the people they want to be and not see our stutter as something bad or to be ashamed of. I hope to participate again soon in this wonderful programme that helps millions of people to TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR SPEECH AND find your own voice, a unique voice and one that deserves to be heard #STRONGERTOGETHER


Juan Pablo González