Starting the year with the right foot

Tension in the body, feeling of guilt, ashamed of stuttering and fear to express are characteristics that a person with this condition has. There’s days in which speaking is an odyssey, it becomes something complicated. A stutter has no cure, only control, there’s not much information on the topic.

Approximately 73 million people in the world stutter, out of 4 men, 1 women has it. It is necessary to raise awareness for there to be a change and we all have the same opportunities.

The McGuire Programme offers a tangible and real option to control stuttering, as there is no cure. This course is offered in 25 countries around the world and its founder is the Dutchman Dave McGuire. It should be noted that it is the largest community in the world of people who stutter and are in control of their speech.

The courses have a great impact on the people who come, changing their life in all aspects, therefore it is necessary to inform about this condition. Currently there is not much truthful information, it is necessary to raise our voice so that more people can control their stutter. With duration of 4 intensive days the person controls his/her stuttering having the option of returning to later courses.

It is relevant to inform about stuttering in society so that in all areas it is observed as something normal and thus generate educational, employment and personal growth options for all kinds of conditions, not just stuttering.

From January 16 to 19, 2019, a course was held in the city of Merida, Yucatan, in Mexico at the Embajadores Hotel, where a 17-year-old young man armed himself with courage to control his stutter, he was advised and accompanied by the director of the program in Latin America, Alfredo Gonzalez, together with several graduates who attended the course.

The new student talked about what it was like to have the condition by answering several questions asked by the regional director. The graduates, who are people who stutter, witnessed the opening of the course and made a speech to the brave warrior who began his process to control his stuttering.

At the end of the course in the big square of the city of Merida, he was able to express his speech using his voice without fear where he spoke about his experience and for the first time he said what he really wanted to say. The event was covered by the newspapers "La Jornada Maya" and "Tribuna Campeche". All the graduates who attended the course in the same way gave their final speech.

Then the Family & Friends session was held, where two graduates of the international programme explained what was seen in the course. The time came when the new graduate gave his speech to his family and friends who noticed the effort he had in the 4 days of the intensive course, and then expressed an emotional message to observe the control of his stuttering.

Relatives of some graduates recognized the effort they have had in their speech process where they highlighted the discipline, tenacity and dedication of each one of them. The course ended with the delivery of the diploma to the new member of the McGuire family and an emotional photo taken by all the graduates in the company of the Regional Director.

For more information on the courses' locations, you can contact Alfredo Gonzalez at the number +52 (871) 131 8636 or ask for information on the Facebook fanpage of the McGuire Programme.