Stirling 2019 - making a difference for people who stutter

The last McGuire Programme UK North course of 2019 was held in Stirling, Scotland, 6th-10th November. Seven brave new students began and finished the course. The instructors were Steven Cairns and Glenn Bills, who was instructing for the first time.

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Glenn Bills - first time instructing a McGuire Programme course. Great job! No-one knew it was his first time doing it.

The last McGuire Programme UK North course of the the year was recently held in Stirling, Scotland, 6th - 10th November 2019.  Seven brave souls turned up to face their fears and to learn how to control and, ultimaltely, conquer their stutters.  The new students were a mixed group - six males and one female.  Two of the new students were under 18 years of age.  Ages ranged from 14 to 40.

The Course Instructor was Steven Cairns.  Experienced and at the top of his game. He was overseeing Glenn Bills.  Glenn had recently qualified to instruct his first course and he was keen and ready.  Glenn's first McGuire Programme course was at the Royal Station Hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne, in 2015.  He had an obvious, overt, stammer.  It had a negative impact on his life, so he did something about it.  The philosopy is to address the issue and improve matters, not wallow in despair and negativity.  A stutter can be controlled and you can become the best, most eloquent and articulate speaker you can be, once you master the McGuire Programme's techniques and mindset.

Stirling was a great course.  It was great to help three young lads who were unlikely to get the opportunity again.  It was a massively positive experience - all  graduates of the Programme achieved at least 100 contacts (speaking to strangers in the real world) on the Friday and the Saturday of the course.  All new students got their 100 contacts on the Saturday too and all new students signed up and joined the McGuire Programme too.

A wonderfully positive few days, spent with motivated, friendly and inspiring people!  Thanks also to Michael Vindice who organised the course.

The next McGuire Programme UK North course is in Newcastle upon Tyne, 12th-16th February 2020.

See you there!