Stutter School - Australian Documentary Premiered 5 January 2021!

Stutter School

In Australia, the long awaited hour-long documentary, following four new students from all ages and walks of life, as they begin their McGuire Programme journey to overcome stuttering - premiered on the 5th of January 2021 at 8.30PM!

The documentary portraits what happens before, during and after your first intensive course, and the amazing journey that awaits! Get a preview of what happens on an intensive course and how the McGuire Programme is designed to help people not only overcome stuttering, but become an effective communicator, a public speaker and a strong and confident individual.

Be inspired by the four amazing and brave members who each took on the journey for their own reasons, and each have come closer to achieving their speech dreams and goals. The documentary will surely make you experience a whole plethora of emotions!


You can catch the documentary in Australia on SBS on Demand via the link below - it will be available until 4 January 2022.


Special thanks to Southern Pictures for making this documentary and for the honest and respectful approach taken when recording and creating this amazing and inspiring production.


Enjoy the show.

Denis Wright

Regional Director

McGuire Programme (Stutter School) Australia, New Zealand & Southeast Asia