Members of The McGuire Programme - Beyond Stuttering come together over Zoom to work hard on overcoming their stutter.

International Stuttering Support

International Stuttering Support

We had another exciting weekend with The McGuire Programme - Beyond Stuttering, where hundreds of members worldwide got together for Zoom sessions.

On top of the sessions going on daily and weekly, this weekend we had:

1.    A huge 40 +Zoom support group in the UK, 

2.    Zoom Quiz with participants from over 20 countries taking part including members families, 

3.    Round one of an international table topics competition via Zoom with 11 regions taking part with 10+ participants in each

4.    Many local and regional Zoom support sessions going on in all regions.

While this devastating pandemic continues to affect the lives of many people worldwide and our hearts go out to all those affected, we are all coming together through technology to support and connect and the support network is stronger than ever.

Keep moving forward and contact your Regional Director for support and to access to our members portal.