Supporting each other to overcome their stutter in Córdoba, Argentina

The course started on Wednesday the 24th with a brief introduction to the McGuire Programme, later on with the new student videos.

On Thursday we started with the physical part of the programme, the new students at the beginning were a little confused, but quickly they started to comprehend the tecniques and how the programme works.

On Friday we started with the psychological part. At night they made phone calls to the graduates and their families, it was a very emotional moment for everyone.

On Saturday it was the day with more challenges for the new students; they started out with fear, but the more challenges they achieved, the more comfortable they felt. When they saw their first day videos, the astonishment on their face's was very noticeable, they could see how far they've come with their speech. To close the course, the new students spoke about their experiences and opinions on the course, as well as the graduates and some parents.

Thank you to Alfredo González, the new graduates and graduates for the commitment and companionship shown during the course.


Jonathan Figueroa