Supporting people to go Beyond Stuttering

The beautiful City of Galway, Ireland, started off the March 2019 Beyond Stuttering McGuire Programme Course where 14 courageous people came together to challenge their stutter: and all had the same goal of wanting to take control of their stutter eg presentations in school, interviews etc.

Patrick Hanlon  - Course Instructor Intern

Patrick Hanlon  - Course Instructor Intern

Their past stuttering experiences were emotional and honest and the transformation in just 3 days from out of control stuttering to speaking with confidence and belief in themselves was life-changing for all.  The McGuire Programme helps tackle the many fears of speaking by people who stutter, through techniques of concentration, assertiveness and non-avoidance.

A big aspect to this Programme is the support network, no more sense of isolation, people who stutter helping and supporting each other and everyone who attended put in time and effort and the hard work paid off. They left feeling empowered and ready to tackle new speaking opportunities ahead and a sense of achievement and all now have the techniques and the support to help them in their journey of becoming the people they have always wanted to be.

The approachable Sharon Gavillet, Course Instructor, led a disciplined and knowledgeable course and it was fantastic to see James Walsh receive his Coaching Certificate and Patrick Hanlon receiving his Course Instructor Intern Certificate which is a testament of what can be achieved on the McGuire Programme for people who stutter.

Mary Moorehead