Tackling the stuttering barrier in Torreon, Mexico

McGuire is the largest community of people who stutter and is held by people who stutter. The intensive course in Torreon, Coahuila was held on April 24, which included 2 new students, an 11-year-old from Gomez Palacio and a 28-year-old, and one graduate from Durango; Jesus. At 7 in the afternoon the introduction was made for the new ones where the first day videos were made, where questions were made to be able to see that same video on Saturday, April 28. We had dinner that same day after the introduction given by Alfredo Gonzalez, Director of the programme in Latin America. We went to rest to start the course with the best attitude on Thursday, April 25.

From Thursday morning we worked on the tools that McGuire gives us to be able to face our stutter, we practiced during the entire day very hard to be able to understand the techniques. Our name was the main thing we pronounced and repeated in each exercise, since for some of the people who stutter is something difficult to say in our daily life, the name of each member was practiced about 2000 times in the whole course. The progress of the new ones was seen on the first day; at the beginning it was a bit difficult for them since they were having trouble performing the technique.

Many like Friday because it’s a more relaxed day, but with many things to learn. On the night of this same day; Friday, April 27, one of the most difficult things was done for people with this condition, calls to graduates from different parts of the world and later to relatives, where it is the most difficult and complicated part for the new ones, starting with a revelation and saying that they are working very hard to overcome it.

The last day of the course; Saturday, April 28, the new ones liked it a lot because they said they felt free with their speech. The most beautifu

The last day of the course; Saturday, April 28, the new ones liked it a lot because they said they felt free with their speech. The most beautiful part of the course were the public speeches, they were in the main square of Torreón where a revelation is made and an explanation of what they have lived or about stuttering is given. Returning to the workshop we had the last two sessions that was to reinforce and at 6 in the afternoon came the last part of the course, the explanation for friends and family, it was held by me; Jesus, where I tried to explain the weapons that McGuire gives you, then came the words of the relatives.

As a graduate, it is my third course and I love coming back to them, as you reinforce some things and it is very nice to be able to share experiences with people who stutter and understand what you are living. In life there are no limits, we must be constant to overcome, accept and expand our comfort zones. McGuire changed my life for me, it was something wonderful that after so many years I was able to find.