Tackling their stutter in Córdoba, Argentina

On Wednesday April the 3rd, a course in Córdoba, Argentina started. 2 new students arrived, both came from Buenos Aires to go Beyond Stuttering, along with 3 graduates to reinforce their process (from Tucumán, Córdoba and Entre Ríos). The NS had their doubts about the programme, but as the sessions passed, they were more satisfied; when they made their first day videos, they felt comfortable being in a room with people who stutter.

The new students, when they saw their first day videos, they were surprised of their change, they could identify the tricks they used, and they could even see how they could improve their speech.

As of Thursday, the course formally began, during these days, the new students learned the techniques and physical and psychological tools to take control of their stutter, it was a bit hard for one of them cost but he did not give up and went ahead working hard together with his colleagues who supported him at all times. When it was time to say their names, they felt very liberated, although it seems easy, it is not for a person who stutters.

On Friday they kept working hard and at the end of the day they made phone calls to they family members, it was a bit hard to start with their revelations but as minutes passed they felt more relieved, more free; it was an emotional moment, we were all very happy to see the progress of the new students.

The last day arrived with the strongest and most thrilling challenges for most of them, they all managed to complete them without trouble and with a lot of excitement. Today they are new graduates, very happy for being who they are and for keeping on the right track.

Thank you to Alfredo González, for another wonderful course in Argentina, very assertively and with a lot of security. Thank you to Dalma Álvarez and Jonathan Figueroa, for coming back to the course to keep your comfort zones growing. Congratulations to the new graduates for being brave and working hard to overcome their stutter and their great assertiveness to be in this course. Special thanks to Dave McGuire, for creating a programme with lots of values, to know what to do with our stutter, and for those wonderful techniques and mentality.


Julián Ortiz Skidelsky