Taking On Our Stuttering in NYC

More than 25 people who stutter came to New York City to work together to move forward on their journeys to overcoming their stuttering.

McGuire Programme members take on stuttering in New York City

The McGuire Programme's first-ever course in New York City was a HUGE success!

A combination of more than two dozen new members and graduates came to The City That Never Sleeps to make Big Apple-sized progress in their journeys toward speaking eloquently.  Said one new student:

I hadn't made a phone call in more than a year until tonight.  It was incredible!

These kinds of transformations are common on McGuire Programme courses, and they continue even more when we go home and work with our coaches to successfully implement our speech in the real world.

Gotham gave us a great opportunity to step outside our comfort zones and help push each other forward.  And push each other we did: the level of coaching and support that EVERYONE gave to each other was fantastic.

Congratulations to everyone who attended - keep moving forward!

     -Brian Sellers, McGP Regional Director, USA & Canada

UPCOMING COURSES - We still have 3 USA/Canada courses left in 2019.  Join us and overcome your stuttering!

  1. Chicago - August 7-10
  2. Toronto - October 2-5
  3. Las Vegas - November 13-16