Twins overcoming their stutter together!

Pablo Guillen:

This was my first course and I must say that my experience was extremely satisfying and gratifying, previously I went to many therapies and private language classes, to be able to “cure” my stutter, I put all my effort and dedication to the exercises but I saw no result, but that all changed when I discovered the McGuire programme.

Thanks to this programme, I can say that I am a much freer person when speaking in public, at the same time that I lost the fear of relating to other people in my family environment or strangers, I hope to remain constant in this process of self-improvement and I can only say "THANK YOU MCGUIRE PROGRAMME" for giving me the necessary tools to improve my eloquence and become someone much freer.


Pedro Guillen:

Sincerely I was very excited to go to this course, since it was my brother’s first course. I went with the intention of supporting him in his revelations and contacts.

Arriving at the hotel I was surprised to see the results that my brother had obtained, I asked him “How did he feel using the techniques?” He told me pretty good, but that at the beginning they seemed weird as it was something completely new to him. Nevertheless, he told me that now he felt very comfortable using them.

At the end of the Harrison Workshop the time came for the final test to the new students, go into the streets and do their revelations and contacts. In my case I went along with my brother, and I must say I was surprised in a good way to see how he made his exercise with a lot of confidence and security.

At the beginning of the public speeches I saw him very excited to go do his public speech, on the other hand, I was very happy to be able to strengthen the techniques, and what best way that exaggerating them in my public speech.

Coming back to the hotel, the coaches got ready to begin the Friends & Family session, it was held by Jaime Javier, Malcolm Cisneros and me. At the end it was the turn for the new graduates to say a few words in front of their families, there was emotional comments from the new graduates and family members.

I want to thank Alfredo Gonzalez for giving me the opportunity to support my brother on his first course since, from 6 years old, both of us had done thousands of things to overcome this condition. Nevertheless, none was effective, until we came across this wonderful programme.

Personally, this was my third course since September, 2018, and I must admit that I still have stuff to learn. Since this is a permanent process, in addition to reinforcing the techniques that the program offers us. I hope to come back soon to the programme with my brother, with the purpose of supporting new students and graduates. Since we’re all a family and we must rely on each other.