We are now holding virtual courses online.

Online courses for people who stutter

Virtual Online courses for stuttering

We are thrilled to report that our first virtual course took place in December and it was a huge success.  For years we have had many inquiries asking us to hold online events but we always believed that new students needed to be immersed in our traditional residential course setting in order to get the basics as a first step to taking advantage of our huge support network. 

When Covid-19 hit in early 2020, we canceled all in-person courses, but our support network went into overdrive, holding hundreds of hours of support each month for our members all over the world.  Through using ZOOM for so many different online activities such as support groups, quizzes, table topics, refresher days, coffee breaks, morning warmups, staff training,  etc we were convinced that we needed to try out a full course on ZOOM.

We were blown away at how we could achieve our goals and bring hope and inspiration to our new students who signed up.  Everyone who joins understands that there is no cure for stuttering and it is the ongoing support and coaching that helps our members reach their goals and speak confidently, articulately, and eloquently.

Our after support and our member's community is one of the things that makes our program unique and different.  Another thing is that everyone on the programme has been through the programme so we know exactly what each person who stutters feel like.  Most of our members have been to traditional speech therapy or cheap copycats with little or no results.  Also, we have been transforming lives for over 25 years and are the world's biggest support group for those who stutter who want to overcome and conquer it.

We hope to return to in-person courses as soon as it is safe, and our new online members can meet their colleagues they met online.

We have some online courses scheduled in some regions and will have limited spaces available first to residents of those regions and if there are spaces left they will open up to non-residents within the same timezone.

To find out more information you can contact us here.