Watford March 2020

Great first course in Watford March 2020

Another really successful course was held in the new venue in Watford.  A new venue is always a challenge, and this was no different.  The hotel was separate from the conference room but worked perfectly and the Corona Virus was on people’s minds.  Precautions were taken with chairs being further apart from usual and hygiene being an even bigger factor than usual.  Hand shaking was replaced by exit drills and people has to wash their hands in every break.  

Despite many cancellations due to the virus, we still had about 60 people throughout the 4 days with lots of brilliant experienced coaches attending to support the 8 new students who’s focus, and determination resulted in such positive outcomes.  The atmosphere was terrific with the course lead by Salman Ahmed (would never have believed it was his first time instructing) and the dependable Greig Goldman.

The new venue was a great size for this course with many split sessions being run at the same time.  This was so the new students could focus with their coaches and the graduates could focus on more advanced sessions like practicing job interviews with fluent speakers who came to be part of this session in their own time.

The new students all did great public speeches in the centre of Watford and spoke to more than 100 people in the streets and on the phones to practice their new techniques.

It’s always amazing how people’s confidence and speech control can change so much in a few days and this was no different.  Shows what hard work and following the directions can achieve.

After a week, all the new ones are still calling regularly and pushing themselves in the real world.