Beating stuttering

During the 8 to 11 February McGuire course in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, we were able to help 17 people who stutter. Besides that about 80 returning grads attended this course to work further to overcome their stuttering.

Overcoming stuttering is a process. Depending on the shape of someone’s ‘iceberg’ (psychical and mental/emotional state) and their willingness to work hard to overcome their stammer, people will make fast or slow progress. Overcoming stuttering is not an easy task. In most cases stuttering is intertwined with all aspects of a person; physical, mental, emotional, behavior and so on. To free oneself from stuttering it is necessary to change all these parts. The McGuire programme offers an effective method including support network to help you on your journey to eloquence. The McGuire programme offers the most extended support network available. With hundreds of coaches worldwide the programme offers you 24/7 support. Since 1994 the McGuire programme did help thousands of people who stutter on their journey to gain control over their speech and get control about their stuttering. Unique is that the programme only consist out of people who stutter, so we know exactly what the feeling of stuttering is and how to overcome it.

For me the programme changed my whole life. Seven years ago I started my own journey in Eindhoven. During that first course I experienced for the first time in my life how it felt to be totally confident during speaking situations and that I could say what I want, to whom I want in every speaking situation without stuttering. For me this course did clear the path to a whole different life, a life without restrictions because of my stuttering. To do whatever I want and say whatever I want to say it. This is what you called priceless and this is what I hope for every person who stutters in the world. If you really want this, and you are dedicated to work hard, I believe this level of freedom of speech is possible for everyone who is afflicted with a stutter.