Auckland - Overcoming Stuttering In The Park

Our recent course was one of the most enjoyable to be involved with, around 30 people working on their speech to become eloquent speakers. The McGuire Programme is all about enjoying the art of speaking, letting go of your stutter and having some fun.

Auckland turned on some great weather; so we took the opportunity to get out of the conference venue to enjoy the sunshine, play with our new technique and be proud of who we are - people with great voices who are taking control of our stutters rather than being victims to it.

Without exception everyone made great progress and during the public speaking workshops engaged in some rather interesting exercises in drama, performing and yes, yoga. One advantage of being outside was the number of people asking what we were doing including a visiting American Dale Carnegie Speech class trainer who was impressed by the quality of exercises and ability on show.

After three days of learning and mastering a new way of speaking and having the meaning attributed to their stutters extinguished, the new students and past graduates (aged from 14 to 65 plus) hit K Road and Queen Street to make contacts. Hundreds of people were asked for directions, told about the programme, some even gave the students their phone numbers (whether they wanted them or not) and often offered encouragement and support. At 2pm, we met by the stairs on the corner of Aotea Square and Queen Street where the Regional Director invited the public to listen to public speeches by Ben, Mary Joan, Lyle, Pamela, Vaibhav, Charlie and the graduates.

It is emotional listening to people give a public speech for the first time, to see them achieve what they never thought was possible. It is moving to hear people who have turned the tables on their stutter, fully expressing themselves and using their new found confidence to push forward with their future plans. All the while knowing they have the support and help of a worldwide programme full of inspirational people from all ages and walks of life whenever they need it.

If you are fine where you are at, that’s ok. If not, try the McGuire Programme, we are here to help. Next course, Auckland, October 1st to 5th, 2014. See you there!