Not Rocket Science just Discipline & Work

McGuire Programme comic Henry-Stewart Landsborough entertaining the Auckland audience .

Every course is the same but very different and for me this course showed out more than ever the value of discipline, focus and hard work.

After 8 years working his way up the corporate ladder, James Christie made a welcome return to the instructor ranks. James, a Regional Manager for ANZ Bank, came along for two days to re-acquaint himself with the programme that had given him so much. What did he have to offer those working on their speech? "Practice, practice, practice and keep expanding your comfort zone." We've heard it all before but how many of us truly understand just how crucial this is? The technique is just like any other technique, it needs to be mastered and become second nature in order to be successful, and it needs to be applied to all speaking situations - including the scary ones. You see this programme is not just about gaining control over your speech but in who you become on the journey - an assertive, confident person.

This course was conducted over 4 days at the Amora Hotel. It was great to see some new faces including Matt who travelled from Australia to attend this course. Afterwards he told me that using the tools pro-actively and not reactively was a breakthrough for him. Why hide a stutter? It's part of you, accept it, embrace it, and the negative meaning you gave it starts to melt away, and so does the stutter.

Our next course will be mid-2015 in Christchurch. I look forward to meeting people who want to start taking control of their speech and for those returning remember it's all about practice, practice, practice and expanding your comfort zone.

Rob Woolley