Adam Black
Adam Black

First Course:
Newcastle, March 2007

I joined the programme at the tender age of 17. Although young and with seemingly my whole life in front of me, I felt drained both mentally and physically.

I held back and avoided going on a course for that long as I thought I could convince myself that I was happy being someone who stuttered out of control. The truth was, I truly wasn't.

After my first course I had a new sense of direction and I wanted to keep travelling that way.

I've been on many, many courses and continue to develop both as a speaker and as a person.

I'm now a teacher, a job which obviously involves lots of speaking, and without a doubt a job I could not have done previously!

The programme is a community where we all want the same end result- to help people who stutter.

Anyone thinking about joining, please don't wait 7 years like I did and get in touch now.