Alfredo González
Coahuila - México

First Course:
Mexico 11 -13
m: + 52 187 113 186 36

Fear. Permanent, unstoppable fear of any speaking situation. Having the nasty voice inside my head saying “you will stammer”, “you embarrass yourself”, “how stupid do you look”, “see everyone noticing and laughing because of your stutter”.. And so many other negative self-destroying thoughts.

My stammer began since I was little, my native language is Spanish but began speaking English when I was little. The difference on noises, pronunciation and “r” sound made my speech noticeably different. This differentiation made me really self-conscious on my speech, transforming me into a have-to-be perfect in every single word and sound. This effort to be perfect made my speech worst and every situation even more stressful. Anxiety and depression just made life awful.

I received “treatment” with psychologists and speech therapists. Never helping me go through, understand and have a happy and enjoyable living. My life, effort and energy was wasted “surviving” every situation, making whatever it took to keep my stammer a “world secret”!!

My confidence, my social life, my family, my work, every day was a challenge; everyday was a survival quest not to get caught on a block.

The McGuire Program has changed my life. I now feel free of the huge weight I felt over my shoulders, making life an amazing and full of surprises journey!

I have accomplished amazing goals. I feel blessed that I am a McGuire life member, I feel understood, I feel strong… I feel invincible now.

McGuire program gave myself, the members and friends I have met in the Programme the chance of a free and happy life and future.

If you are reading this and feel or have felt anything similar to what is written here, do not waste more time. Contact the program, give your life and happiness a try, you deserve it!!! You, as well as million people, can live a joyful and fulfilling life.