Brendan Hanlin
Melbourne, Australia

First Course:
Melbourne, Nov. 2007

I started to stutter from the age of 5 and it has impacted negatively on my whole life until I joined the McGuire Programme in Melbourne in November 2007. After high school, I took a customer service job but I was constantly anxious and terrified that people would judge me because I was different.

Then in November 2007 a management opportunity presented itself and, although I was qualified for the role, my confidence and self-esteem was very low. But The McGuire Programme gave me the strength and courage to apply for the position and the ability to succeed in it too. It’s helped me realise my true potential-I’m a sales manager and I’m pursuing studies to become a counsellor so that I can help others who suffer from the anxiety and depression that stuttering can cause. I’m also a coach and course instructor on the McGuire Programme and I’m ready to help you.