Cindy Melksham
Melbourne, Australia

First Course:
Oct. 2009

My name is Cindy Melksham. I am a course instructor for the Australian programme.

I’d spent a lifetime of trying to hide my stutter by mainly avoiding every speaking situation. I was exhausted by the constant anxiety associated with this. Although I have a psychology degree, I was still working in a retail position because I allowed my stutter to hold me back.

But my life changing moment happened in October 2009, when I joined the McGuire Programme. Not only did my speech improve but by learning to communicate more effectively, the real “me” revealed itself.

I’m now a programme coach, course instructor and a licensed trainer of the self-development book Feel the Fear…And Do It Anyway ®. I run motivational workshops for the general public and I’m driven by my passion of helping others transform their lives the way I’ve transformed mine.