Jonathon Tary
Canberra, Australia

First Course:
Melbourne November 2016

I have stuttered since the age of 5, and managed my stutter with traditional speech therapy for about 20 years before joining the McGuire Programme in November 2016. I joined the programme because as the convener of combined smooth speech and McGuire maintenance days in Canberra, Australia, I observed strong confidence and speech eloquence in McGuire participants.

Based on the holistic approach offered by the programme, I have progressed to the stage where I am keen to share my experiences, and contribute to the programme as a certified primary coach. I have a passion for sharing the stories of people with a stutter.


I am one of the hosts of the Australian based podcast “Strong Voices - overcoming speaking challenges”.


The McGuire programme gives me the tools to take control of my speech, overcome my fear of speaking situations, and helps untangle the “spaghetti bowl” of past negative speaking experiences.