Peter Gishla
Sydney, Australia

My name is Peter Gishla. Before I went on first McGuire course I was very shy, not wanting people to find out I was a stutterer so I often withdrew from social interaction.  I was hesitant about going on the McGuire programme because I had tried so many other things which didn’t work (they were: Slow speech, smooth speech, and hypnotherapy).

    The techniques learnt on the course gave me the tools to overcome my stutter, make me an eloquent speaker and increase my confidence to a level I previously never would have dreamed.

I’m now a regular at toastmasters. It’s a great feeling to win the ‘best speaker of the night’ award, an award which I win regularly. Speaking in, and winning speaking contests is something that I never would have thought of previously, but is now something which I love.

    No speaking situation is too big for me now, from being the MC at my sister’s wedding, to giving the best man’s speech at another wedding (both in front of a couple of hundred guests), to talking with senior management at work and being able to talk confidently and eloquently, or just telling jokes with mates and enjoying being the centre of attention for all the right reasons!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey as it allowed me to meet some fantastic people not only in Australia, but all over the world. I enjoy meeting new students and giving them the tools to also become an eloquent speaker and seeing their life transform so they can become the person they want to be.