Saqib Nazir Ahmed

First Course:
Bournemouth, 2014

From my childhood as far as I could remember I have been covert and introvert personality....!
Always having a dream of becoming a confident and powerful public speaker. But stammering has held me back throughout my life I missed all the opportunities coming on my way and adopted a avoidance behaviour for the whole of my life. Finally in 2014 I came to know about McGuire Programme through internet... Made up my mind and flew all the way to UK to attend my first course in 2014 November at Bournemouth UK. This course was really a turning point in my life and gave my words a power so i could speak anywhere anytime with a control.
Having attended 7 courses so far from Europe, middle East now I am enjoying my life... Becoming a motivation and success story for others stammerers around me....!
Thanks to McGuire Programme for giving me strength and confidence  to let my voice be heard by masses.