Owen Westwood

Doing your best in the west - Perth 2020

Six new students started their beyong stuttering journey and around 30 grads continued theirs, as the McGuire Programme made a welcome return to the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia.

We were blessed with four warm sunny days in the continent's western outpost.

Jonathon Tary

Jonathon Tary

I have stuttered since the age of 5, and managed my stutter with traditional speech therapy for about 20 years before joining the McGuire Programme in November 2016. I joined the programme because as the convener of combined smooth speech and McGuire maintenance days in Canberra, Australia, I observed strong confidence and speech eloquence in McGuire participants.

Melbourne - Rain, Sunshine and Going Beyond Stuttering!

Nine new students. Thirty-five returning grads. One documentary crew. Two mums. Mix in a large amount of courage, determination, vulnerability and commitment, along with the typically variable Melbourne weather, and you have all the ingredients that, combined together, formed the recent Melbourne Beyond Stuttering Course.

Reaching new heights in Sydney Australia

The April Sydney Intensive Course marks 21 years since The McGuire Programme set roots in Australia.

The course was extra special - not only did we have many returning members, some from as long as 21 years ago, but we also had a very special guest instructor - Dave McGuire.