Amazing Effort on the ANZ and Southeast Asia July Online Course!

We had the privilege and honour to host our second online course for ANZ and Southeast Asia in 2021!

7 New students along with a total of 11 coaches came together through out the 4 days to work on becoming effective, skilled, eloquent communicators.

Being a global programme, we had assistance from regions such as MENA, UK and India on this course – bringing valuable point of views, experience and skillsets from around the world.

Sydney - we are back!

After a long break due to the covid outbreak, The McGuire Programme ANZ, thanks to relatively safe environment in Australia, had the chance to resume face to face courses. With some minor adjustments, a very large spacious venue and extra safety precautions, 6 new students and two dozen returning graduates came together to work on their speech.

We had 3 returning graduates come back for their second course after completing their first course online in January 2021.

Stutter School - Australian Documentary Premiered 5 January 2021!

Stutter School

In Australia, the long awaited hour-long documentary, following four new students from all ages and walks of life, as they begin their McGuire Programme journey to overcome stuttering - premiered on the 5th of January 2021 at 8.30PM!

Owen Westwood

Doing your best in the west - Perth 2020

Six new students started their beyong stuttering journey and around 30 grads continued theirs, as the McGuire Programme made a welcome return to the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia.

We were blessed with four warm sunny days in the continent's western outpost.